Neovim Core updates

Updates of Neovim itself, which are available on Neovim nightly.

Important: if you are a plugin author, you are strongly advised to follow the #14090 breaking changes on master GitHub thread, as it contains important breaking changes information.

Neovim Plugin Community updates

Neovim is full of active plugins. This section is about the community and what is going on.

Guides, tours, articles, etc.

Neovim as IDE guide in Russian

English may be the lingua franca of programming, but we’re an international community! /u/ryadik has made a video guide on how to set up Neovim like an IDE in Russian. It has auto-generated English subtitles, but ryadik has requested help to check their quality.

New plugins



A new plugin that makes hex editing in Neovim a breeze. Shift lines around, insert and delete bytes, it will all work itself out on :w.

Made by @RaafatTurki.



A new colorscheme inspired by the Material Palenight theme by @JoosepAlviste.


smart-open.nvim fuzzy finder demo

A new telescope-based “frecency” fuzzy finder by @danielfalk that returns relevant results for git files, recent buffers, and recent files all in one search. The algorithm is self-tuning and adjusts the weight of results over time based on your interactions.



A new colorscheme by @noorwachid inspired by Visual Studio 2017 and little bit of Dracula.

lua-language-server type check action

lua-language-server type check action

Not a plugin, but a GitHub action that can help plugin developers write safe Lua code.

Sumneko lua-language-server is capable of providing diagnostics based on EmmyLua type annotations, and provides a CLI for generating diagnostic reports.

This GitHub action leverages those features for static type checking and linting of Lua/EmmyLua code.

Written in Lua, it naturally type checks itself 😉.



A Neovim configuration for all kinds of development languages with integrated UI and themes. It comes with a script that installs everything automatically and a customizable config file. You can remove and add plugins, change plugin configurations and many more. Check it out! A plugin by @OxygeNvim.



A new colorscheme by @AlexvZyl.


A new plugin that aims to make it as easy as possible to make your own custom Neovim operators (like d, c, gq, and y). Just define a handler function and put it in a keymap!

Checkout some examples!

A plugin by @zdcthomas.



A vim-vinegar like file explorer that lets you edit your filesystem like a normal Neovim buffer.


Oil added internal remote server support, obviating the need for Netrw.

LazyVim 1.0.0

Neovim config for the lazy


LazyVim 1.0.0 has just been released and has a shiny new website!

Did you know?

We continue to learn the = operator in command-line mode. Sometimes you need to redirect the output of Ex commands to the current buffer. You can do that with :put, execute() and =:

:put = execute('messages')

If you don’t want to add to the current buffer, you can also redirect command outputs to a file, register or variable using built-in Ex-command :redir:

:redir > messages.txt
:redir END

Special thanks

These people help contributing various updates about Neovim and its ecosystem! Thanks for your contributions! ❤️

Want to contribute?

You have noticed something missing that you saw lately? Do not keep the candies for yourself and please feel free to share with us! You can open a PR at This Week In Neovim Contents.

Feel free to read how to contribute to get started.